What does Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Katie Krimitsos love more than birds? Business and helping entrepreneurs everywhere discover their true potential!

What does Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Katie Krimitsos love more than birds? Business and helping entrepreneurs everywhere discover their true potential! Before becoming the amazing business woman and podcast rock star she is today Katie worked in the corporate environment. But she didn’t enjoy it. Katie stuck with that path for a few years to gain skills she could use on the outside, but took her exit just as soon as she saw an opportunity. Beginning her entrepreneurial journey, she gave being an author a shot. That brought her to all sorts of exciting new journeys, first helping entrepreneurs in Tampa Bay and then the world. What this former high school athlete didn’t know was that her skills as a terrific softball player would come in pretty handy later in life. It takes the same level of perseverance to be good at anything, but especially as an athlete and as an entrepreneur or business owner! Today Katie helps them get through slumps, leading by example. She interviews some of the most amazing entrepreneurial women on the planet, and as they share their stories they affect change in many people’s lives. In this episode, Katie shares with us why attitude and action are so critical to an entrepreneur’s success. It also takes passion and focus. Learn what Katie does to help keep business owners on track. LISTEN NOW

Show Notes


On this episode of Cash Flow Diary, J interviews Katie Krimitsos, who is the co-owner and COO of the Tampa Bay Business Owners and founder of Biz Women Rock. Katie has learned how to take her passion and create a business out of helping other entrepreneurs. In this podcast, she discusses the top three things entrepreneurs do backwards and the importance of the entrepreneurial attitude.

Episode Rundown:

[03:13] Katie’s origin story

[10:14] Athletes and business owners

[12:05] Entrepreneurship and attitude

[16:40] Managing as a skill set

[18:52] Using your sixth sense to develop teams

[24:31] Biz Women Rock podcast

[27:08] Apply for a free one-on-one breakthrough session / J’s episode insight

[29:50] Three things entrepreneurs do backwards

[33:18] Self-limiting beliefs and thinking big

[36:33] Surprising yourself and the fear of success

[48:11] Contacting Katie

Main Questions Asked:

  • What is your origin story?
  • Does the experience of learning how to win and lose help you today?
  • Do you agree that nobody has a money problem and people only have an ideas problem?
  • Was managing teams something you came to the table with, or a skill set you had to develop?
  • Tell us about your inspiration, and how you made the transition.
  • What are the top three things entrepreneurs have done backwards?
  • How many times have you surprised yourself in business?
  • Has building a business been what you thought it would be?
  • How did you develop the character to continue when you didn’t know at what point the rollercoaster was going to stop dropping?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable is a phenomenal trait for business owners.
  • There is a lot of our history that we discount, especially with Moms, but what you used to do counts today as a skill set.

Ideas Versus Attitude 

  • Katie believes it’s not an ‘ideas’ problem that entrepreneurs face, but rather an ‘attitude’ problem.
  • Ideas don’t mean anything unless there is action and the right attitude behind them.
  • There needs to be a passion to generate value in business, which is an attitude.
  • Take action, automate that action, and do it regularly.
  • When you have faith and provide value to people, the money will come in.

Biz Women Rock Podcast

  • There are 30,000 women online who identify with Biz Women Rock.
  • Katie didn’t want a podcast to build downloads and listeners, but rather a community in a global space using podcasting as a way to get messages out there.
  • Biz Women Rock started as a podcast, and transformed into a community.
  • You need to be willing to shift and ask for feedback to ensure that what you are doing is inline with what the consumer wants.

Top Three Things Entrepreneurs Do Backwards

1) Going for the money first

  • This tends to be a natural reaction, as we have to make a living.
  • You need to deliver value before earning the right to get paid for it. 

2) Doing it all on your own

  • Learn to be a delegator.
  • Make sure you are able to train others and let go. 

3) Self-inflicting negativity

  • Beating yourself up holds you back and gives you boundaries.
  • You can be a lot bigger than you think you can be, and do a lot more than you think you can do.
  • Negativity is mainly driven from self-imposed self-doubt, which hinders business owners.
  • It’s okay to have negative moments, but don’t allow them to become patterns and a part of your lifestyle.
  • If we don’t dare ourselves to think big, then we won’t.

Surprising Yourself and the Fear of Success

  • Owning your own company is the best personal development program you can possibly do.
  • Business is often a personal manifestation of your journey.
  • It’s not the fear of failure that stops you, sometimes it’s the fear of success.
  • The only end point is when you die, otherwise it’s all just part of the game.

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