CFD 142 – “Soul” Man Derick Van Ness Says Living a Better Quality of Life is NOT Brain Surgery!

Before Cash Flow Dairy podcast guest Derick Van Ness became the small business life changer he is today, he was on the same “default track” as most of us. He would get an education, get a job, work real hard, earn enough income to get by and hopefully save for retirement. Fortunately for Derick, he went off track to find a whole new path. However, it didn't happen overnight. In fact, it took a few years. So what changed Derick's way of thinking? First, it was a chance encounter with a high-up decision-maker and leader of his college. Second, Derick became the leader of different groups in college. When he graduated, he wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to do, but he had already been bitten by the business ownership bug. He just didn't know it fully yet. He headed to Silicon Valley where he would take a sales job. Not just any sales job… a door-to-door sales job. Why? Because he was deathly afraid of doing sales and knew he had to overcome his fears. The good news is that he conquered them; the bad news is that even though he was good at sales he still wasn't earning enough money to live well and he wanted more. A pivotal moment came after his first year in sales when he read his journal entry from his first days as a sales guy. In his own handwriting there it was in black and white. He had stated some big goals. He wanted more money; he wanted to live a great life; he wanted enough income to do a lot of adventuresome things with… but where was that life? Where was that money? For three months Derick pondered life's questions. Then he took a day off from work and spent a lot of time researching the life he wanted. Derick would live his life by design. He spent $1500 on a coaching course and soon found a mentor. He spent every spare moment listening to tapes and CDs, reading books on entrepreneurialism, business and Real Estate Investing. Derick changed his mindset and began thinking in new ways. Want to know the rest of his story? It's pretty cool!