CFD 143 – Kristin Halton Talks about a Different Type of Real Estate.

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Kristin Halton of the Kristin Halton Group specializes in luxury Real Estate in the Orange County, Calif., area. Anyone who has taken our training knows that we refer to this as “Nordstrom” property. It is beautiful, expensive, high-end, top-quality and comes with a level of customer service you won't find in “Target” or “Wal-Mart” properties. If you have ever wanted to know what R.E. in the OC looks like, listen up. Kristin is well versed to give you a fantastic tutorial. She knows her stuff! Kristin will tell you that she didn't always live in a place that is easily referred to as a lap of luxury. On the contrary. Kristin was born into a Blue Collar family; her father was a commercial fisherman in Seattle. That's a good thing, because he taught his daughter that if you're going to do something you need to do it right. He also taught Kristin that if she wanted something she'd have to work for it. These lessons stuck with Kristin as she set out to create a premium Real Estate business in the OC. Her group exemplifies the characteristics of a successful business, and her team shares her do-it-right, work-hard mindset! They represent some of the most beautiful properties in the Orange County area, which takes superior sales skills. Fortunately, Kristin became a great sales person early in life… beginning at the age of 15. Her success in sales lead Kristin to become a serial entrepreneur and business owner early in life, too. She started successful businesses in different states, but felt something was missing. A weekend trip to Newport Beach, Calif., gave her the answer. The visit changed her entire path. She knew she wanted to be involved in high-end Real Estate, so she sold everything, business included, where she lived in another state and moved lock, stock and barrel to southern California to begin anew. One of the ways she meets people who might be interested in working with her is through networking at events. That's where she and J. Massey met. (Never underestimate the power of getting yourself out there to mingle at wine and cheese events, business events, investor events and Cashflow games!) Learn more about Kristin, her group and her journey.