CFD 145 – Diamond Dallas Page Took the Road Less Traveled to Own His Life!

As any entrepreneur worth his salt will tell you, you’re gonna get knocked down a few times on the way to your goals. It’s that you get back up stronger each time that makes the difference. It is the only way to become successful. Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Diamond Dallas Page agrees. This World Champion Wrestler turned entrepreneur who went on to start DDP Yoga was knocked down more times than he can count. Through his life he was told he couldn’t do what he set out to do. Boy, were those naysayers wrong! Nothing stopped Dallas from going for his dreams. From a broken family, Dallas had to overcome tremendous challenges, including undiagnosed ADD and dyslexia that pushed him to communicate verbally and ask lots of questions so he would understand everything going on around him. He says that in his early 30s he was reading at about a third-grade level. That alone would stop some people from moving forward in their dreams. Not Dallas. He pushed through to become a nightclub promoter, where he could put his verbal communication skills to good use. But that’s not what he wanted to be forever. He really wanted to be a professional wrestler, but everyone told him he was “too old.” He was 31. So he thought he’d try his hand at being a sports commentator. He put his energies and creativity into making an interview tape, which landed in the right hands. The tape also landed Dallas on a whole new road in life that he didn’t expect, and it came with a lot of big bumps. He set his goals high and kept moving. It took him 8 years and a lot of physical and emotional pain to overcome, but he has lots of proof that believing in oneself pays off. If he ever has doubts, all he has to do is look at his World Wrestling Championship belt and Google DDP Yoga! Diamond Dallas won the belt late in life (according to industry standards) and started DDP Yoga for non-yoga types. He’s been on Shark Tank and continues to experience the Shark Tank effect, his independent film “Resurrection of Jake the Snake” was showcased at Slamdance independent film festival and he was featured on HBO’s Real Sports in 2014. That’s pretty good for a guy other people told was “too” whatever to get very far in life! Learn more about the incredibly inspiring tale of Diamond Dallas Page.