CFD 147 – Engelo Rumora talks about embracing delayed gratification and what can happen in the 90th minute!

How do you build a multi-million-dollar Real Estate business in the middle of Ohio as a transplant from Australia while simultaneously running several businesses? That’s exactly what our Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Engelo Rumora does every day of his life. He says it is his purpose and his passion, and he loves every minute of what he does because it is bigger than himself! Engelo says he will always consider himself a blue collar guy, no matter what happens in life, which keeps him humble. He quit school at the age of 14 to pursue a career in soccer. That didn’t quite work out the way he’d planned, so at about 18 he became a working-class man. He worked in construction to make ends meet until one day he met a Real Estate agent who took him under his wing. Engelo became this man’s apprentice to learn all about Real Estate transactions, which would serve him well in life. About that time someone gave him a gift that changed his perspective on things. It was a book, Rich Dad Poor Dad! That put Engelo on a path to consuming lots of books and content so he could be the best entrepreneur he could be and to prepare him for all the up’s and down’s he would encounter. Engelo then made a decision. He would start flipping properties and have his own business. No more working for other people. He had lots of failure events and made mistakes, but just kept going. He says that no matter what, we entrepreneurs must keep moving forward. These events are just part of a marvelous journey. He adds that one of his favorite quotes is that the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you learn WHY! He adds that once you find your purpose it becomes bigger than the dollar and bigger than just your own goals, because you want to see what you can accomplish for everyone in your life. In this truly inspiring episode, Engelo shares his views on how one finds his purpose and how to keep moving toward the goal post, no matter what life throws our way. Things rarely if ever go in a straight line. As entrepreneurs we have to be ready for that and for the periods of limbo we will ultimately experience. We also have to understand that everything we do in life will serve us well once we find our purpose and passion. We just have to stick with it, says Engelo. Learn more about Engelo’s journey and see if you aren’t way more inspired by the end of this episode to go for the gold in whatever you’re doing as an entrepreneur. (You’ll love his accent.)