CFD 148 – Roger Whitney Tells Us We Don’t Have to Eat Beans Now or Later!

Want to achieve a comfortable retirement? Listen to this Cash Flow Diary podcast episode, because guest Roger Whitney, a true retirement expert, tells us how to live well today without sacrificing your lifestyle down the road! Roger says all he’s ever done is help people with their financial goals. Because his clients want to know how they’re going to live well now and later, he began specializing in helping people in their retirement goals. In short, he helps them plan for an independent lifestyle. He’s even working to complete a book with an interesting title, SCREW RETIREMENT. (It’s not yet available… sorry.) Roger learned an early lesson due to a family tragedy that living only for tomorrow isn’t a great plan. There’s no reason to live on rice and beans just so you can afford to live on rice and beans tomorrow. Think about that statement for a minute. That’s what this episode gets us to do. The question becomes how in the heck do we earn a good living and ENJOY life now while building streams of income that will give us a whole lot of gold in our golden years? Roger has the answer. In fact, he’s known as The Retirement Answer Man! He is well qualified to answer your questions about retirement, which starts with his asking you a few. When it comes to topics around retirement, this self-professed geek with a great number of letters that follow his name (indicating that he has the skills that support his words) has a lot of guidance for the average guy or gal. He says planning for retirement is not as intimidating as we make it out to be. Roger walks us through the process and takes the scariness out of it by approaching things in a comfortable, conversational style. Actually by having us deal with big topics through lots of little conversations. Learn more.

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