Mark Podolsky describes himself as a “corporate refugee” and middle man in a very long sales cycle in the financial industry.

Mark Podolsky describes himself as a “corporate refugee” and middle man in a very long sales cycle in the financial industry. He bumped into a guy who was hired at his firm and who was also flipping tax deed properties online on the side… and earning good money doing it. Mark asked the man to take him to an auction. Mark had $3,000 in his savings account that he used to buy a few pieces of property. Then he flipped them online.

Not long after that Mark went to a tax deed auction in Arizona and was pretty much the only person in the room. He got the properties and flipped them to earn more profit. For 18 months Mark juggled his day job and tax deed auction activities. That’s when the money he earned in flipping properties surpassed his income as a 9-to-5 worker, and he felt comfortable in quitting his job. He could have done it a lot earlier, but this Cash Flow Diary podcast guest who is also known as The Land Geek admitted to being afraid to take the step. He was fearful that he had just gotten lucky… to the tune of a rather immediate $90K!

The good news is that it wasn’t a fluke. Mark found his passion in flipping land to create cashflow and plenty of it. But he had to go through a transition in his mindset first. Mark knew he wasn’t happy in his corporate job and says he started dreading Monday as early as Friday night! He had to develop courage. However, it was not an immediate process. Pushing through the fear, he finally turned in his resignation, sick stomach and sweaty hands included. Then he got to work in his new business as a Real Estate Investor who structured land deals. He did that for about 10 years, at which point it was no longer a challenge.

He Learned that he had to keep taking steps. Why? Because while he was doing really well financially he also got depressed. In truth, he was sort of bored. He knew every aspect of the business. So he started teaching others how to do what he does. The result is that Mark feels a lot more fulfilled these days. He’s not working just for the money! What a great way to give back. Learn more about Mark’s path to success as a Real Estate Investor who buys parcels of land to create a great passive income.

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