CFD 151 – Dennis Kimbro tells it like it is when it comes to success!

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest and best-selling author with several books under his belt, Dennis Kimbro calls Atlanta his home and calls out to us to hear the truth in this interesting insider’s look at what it takes to be successful in life. He should know. Dennis has interviewed a whole lot of successful millionaires and billionaires. Yes… with a “B.” It all started when Dennis got to wondering why some people could create wealth and success in their lives while others couldn’t… or didn’t. He wrote an article after interviewing 50 successful entrepreneurs. This lead to something pretty cool. A very well-known publisher contacted him to write a book about highly successful black entrepreneurs. Dennis has been the first black man to do a lot of things, which you’ll learn in this episode, but he wasn’t the first person to interview successful black individuals. In fact, Napoleon Hill was the first, and he was working on the interviews at the time of his death in 1970! Dennis has learned a lot in his travels and conversations with the high-achieving successful of this world. He says he sees four criteria that are shared by literally all whom he has interviewed. These people are 1) passionate and work with a committed mind, 2) inner directed vs. outer directed, 3) dedicated to lifelong learning, and 4) refuse to fail. Dennis says we can have the success we crave if we continue to seek wisdom always, we keep learning each and every day, and we focus on our dreams wholeheartedly. That’s just some of what Dennis has to say in this explosive and highly energetic episode. Don’t miss a word of this one.

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