Former hedge fund manager who retired young, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Todd Tressider has leaned a whole lot about the good, the bad and the ugly of retirement. When asked why he'd leave such a lucrative career behind to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor in the area of financial mentorship he said that he decided it would be more fulfilling to teach others how to accurately and realistically plan for their golden years. While his new path was a bumpy road at times, it ends up that it was a fantastic decision. Todd says he is a happy man, because he gets to spend vacations and summers with his kids. He gets to participate in lots of outdoor activities like incredibly long hikes (the distance of which will amaze you). This Financial Mentor podcast host and 5-time author whose books are helping readers everywhere understand what it takes to get to a great retirement and how to build wealth in lots of different ways has received massive exposure in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and several others you'll recognize. He's even been on NPR and Market Watch. Why? Because this man knows his stuff! He says that during his 12 years in the hedge fund business, he learned everything one needs to know about creating wealth, but he says it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have to calculate into the equation (of how much we need to put away for retirement) our lifestyle and occupation. What skills we have play into our plan! During this fascinating and incredibly in-depth look at financial fitness, wealth-building tactics, cashflow creation strategies and retirement planning, Todd gives us the inside scoop on why we shouldn't buy into the myths about retirement. He brings to light such refreshing new insights in this interview that you may not believe your ears. One is that what matters most is happiness. But he doesn't stop there. You might want to take notes as Todd talks about paper assets being a “wealth parking” vehicle and the investments that make the most sense. (Guess what one of them is!!) Todd talks about a variety of cashflow creation tools and how we need to create a balance in our lives, including both fast and slow paths to wealth. You're gonna want to rewind this one a few times to make sure you get all the points. It's pretty amazing information!

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