Cash Flow Diary podcast guest and author of Third Circle Theory, Pejman Ghadimi is not your average entrepreneur.

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest and author of Third Circle Theory, Pejman Ghadimi is not your average entrepreneur. In fact, while the world may have called him an entrepreneur since the age of 25, Pejman would argue the point. He says he wasn’t really an entrepreneur till about seven years ago. Before that… since age 25… he was simply self-employed. Prior to that he was employed by a bank while pulling down a very handsome salary. That’s not the amazing part. What is amazing is that he started working at that bank at the tender age of 18, quickly working his way up the corporate food chain. Even more amazing, that wasn’t the first time he had reached such success. Pejman began working as a telemarketer at the age of 14 and learned to handle himself in that job so well that in quick time he went from earning twice minimum wage to earning $500 per week! He went on to take over management of his division and learning a lot about how to run a company in the process. It was information and skills he would use over and over again as he started new businesses. Maybe Pejman learned a thing or two about building a business from his mother, who after fleeing Iran with him during the revolution opened a business supplies company in France. Watching her try to do it all on her own, Pejman stepped up to help out financially. That’s why he took his first job and why he worked so hard. He was also able to save quite a bit of money over his first years. By age 18 he asked his uncle to help him buy a house. That started Pejman on a new path. He wanted to learn more about Real Estate investing and money. He had a lot of hard lessons to learn, too. For example, he had to learn that being a mouthy, pushy, egotistical person didn’t serve him well. He admits that it was this cockiness that lost him his lucrative job at the bank, but it was that action that opened his eyes. Pejman says being fired from a job where he earned a fantastic income put him on a path to becoming. Becoming what? The man and entrepreneur he is today… one that helps others on their path to becoming. Pejman came to several forks in the road of his life and took many interesting paths. His story is very insightful and incredibly honest. Maybe you’ll hear a few things that will help you get onto a new path.

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