CFD 154 – Tom Schwab Tells Us to Fight for our Freedom and Success by Putting Systems and Strategies in Place!

  • 4 years ago

Wanna increase your cashflow? Get in front of more people! That's something we absolutely agree with that Cash Flow Diary podcast guest and inbound marketing expert Tom Schwab says in this process-centric episode. Tom wasn't always an entrepreneur. In fact, far from it! After he graduated from the Naval Academy, Tom went to work in a nuclear power plant onboard an aircraft carrier. He says that when peace broke out, he headed out to work in a Fortune 500 company where he learned to hate his corporate job a little more every day. Then something happened. He realized he could break out of his self-made prison and take charge of his own life! It would take courage and action steps, but he did it. In fact, over time he did it really, really well. One of his first successful endeavors was with Goodbye Crutches, a very interesting niche business. What pushed him to become an entrepreneur is when he looked at his life and did the calculations on how many days he might have left to achieve his goals. He decided he'd rather take his chances at the helm of his own dreams vs. being a cog in the wheel of someone else's. This former Navy man understands that strategies win battles. He tells us the difference between bright, shiny, new tactics that don't last long vs. long-term strategies that let us grow a business. Understanding this point is critical to your success. There are so many usable bits of knowledge and great tips about online marketing and inbound strategies in this amazing episode that you're gonna want to take notes!