CFD 155 – Jon Harris Helps Athletes Pivot with Ease Once They’re Off the Court and in Real Life!

Born in Upstate New York, Cash Flow Diary podcast Jon Harris was bitten by the basketball bug early on. Though he didn’t end up going pro, he did just fine as a player and then went on to help other basketball players and pro athletes transition once their professional athletic careers come to an end. First he helped them through a non-profit he worked with after college. Later he became more involved in player development to help athletes prepare for what life would be like once they retired from professional sports. They would have to learn how to function effectively on the playing field of life. Truth is that active players and former professional athletes alike can use Jon’s assistance and guidance. The average career in most professional sports is not all that long. In fact, it can be as short as three years! So what happens when you’re young, retired and have a whole lot of productive work years ahead of you? The myth is that pro athletes earn so much money that they’ll never have to work again. That’s far from the truth in most cases. Plus, there’s another side to the coin. Those who earn enough money to retire and live the life of their dreams can get real bored real fast. After all, how much golf or leisure time does a guy need? It is often more fulfilling to contribute to society and be productive and proactive in one’s own business. That’s where Jon comes in. He helps pro athletes make this entrepreneurial transition, and he starts even before they’ve retired! Hey, transition takes time. Whether you’re into sports or not, you’ll want to hear what Jon has to say. Like any great entrepreneur, he recognized a problem in his marketplace and came up with solid solutions.

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