CFD 156 – Noah Fleming Listened to His Inner Voice, Quit His Day Job and Followed His Passion to Help Business Owners!

Marketing is a part of every business, because without it… how in the heck will customers and clients know about you, your products and your services? How will they know that you can serve them and provide solutions to their problems? You’re in business to provide solutions, right? That’s what Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Noah Fleming talks about in this interesting episode. He is an expert in marketing and tells us how to get customers to come back time and time again. He even wrote a book on the subject titled EVERGREEN! So does this mean Noah was always an entrepreneur? Not really. While he grew up being entrepreneurial-minded, he still took a more traditional path, attending college, taking a corporate job and then finding out that he REALLY hated it. Three hours into his first day on the job, Noah knew it was a mistake, but he hung in there for another six months. At that point he’d had enough and resigned. Long story short, Noah put in his notice and started entrepreneurial ventures, helping business owners everywhere to understand what it takes to market their products and services effectively in a way that keeps value going long into the distant future. Noah’s is a tale of growth and continued learning. He started simply, got really good at customer retention and went on to be a valued consultant, speaker, author and expert in his field. Noah’s story offers a good many tips for us all! Learn more.

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