CFD 164 – KimBerly Keyton explains how networking leads to great things!

KimBerly Keyton with a big “B” is a BIG part of our team here at Cash Flow Diary. In this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast you will learn just how big as she shares her story about how she landed a key role on the team. KimBerly is the VP of Operations who handles all of the deal details J. Massey's awe-inspiring REI transactions. She also manages many but not all aspects of the properties. When it comes to real estate investing, KimBerly knows her stuff.

However, this wasn't always her path. Like many other entrepreneurs, the path she's on now found her. It started when she met J. while taking real estate investing training. They hung out, drank coffee and discussed real estate and life. At that time she had been on a more traditional university-to-corporate gig track. In fact, she earned two degrees… one in music and the other in environmental science. The latter will come in handy for any future “green” real estate deals. KimBerly's musical inclinations give her a creative outlet. Plus, she can always teach piano if she gets the urge.

Listen to this Meet the Amazing CFD Team interview and learn how KimBerly's role has morphed and expanded since her start on the team in 2011. Learn how her skills as a master of organizer and advance planner fits in with other team members' skills and how her skills are critical to the organization as a whole. Perhaps you will want to find a KimBerly for your team!