CFD 165 – USA Basketball’s BJ Johnson tells young basketball players to plan ahead

William “BJ” Johnson knows a lot about basketball. After all, he is USA Basketball’s Assistant Director of the Men’s National Team! Before that he was a basketball player. In college he was on the Villanova Wildcats in North Carolina, destined to receive a scholarship a little late in the game, but getting one all the same. He chalks it up to persistence. Listen to this insightful Cash Flow Diary podcast interview to learn the full story. You’ll learn a lot about BJ and his mindset that allowed him to be the success on and off the courts, and how being able to pivot to life’s changes is allowing him to create the life he desires. He says that educating ourselves and growing our financial intelligence makes the difference. Understanding the financial decisions we make in youth impact us far down the path in life, too. This is something he now helps young players understand. He helps them to understand that thought they may be making a fabulous income currently they still need to be taking steps to ensure a good quality of life later. While saving money is always good, investing it is even better! BJ practices what he teaches, too, because he invests in real estate. Whether you are into basketball or not, this episode is a must-listen for everyone who seeks to have a good retirement and needs a little motivation when it comes to real estate investing.

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