CFD 167 – Self-Proclaimed “ADD” Entrepreneur Pat Hiban Tells Us What It Takes to be a Billion-Dollar Investor

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Pat Hiban is not a million-dollar real estate investor; he’s a billion-dollar investor… with a “B.” This investor and business owner currently owns 14 companies and 48 lines of “horizontal income” sources. He also has a pretty cool real estate investing podcast you should check out! While you’re at it, be sure to check out his book, 6 Steps to 7 Figures, that gives you an in-depth look at how to create a big income ADD entrepreneur style! Obviously, Pat is a very accomplished entrepreneur. However, this was not his intended path. Pat thought he would be a probation officer! Because that didn’t blossom soon enough, Pat thought he might go into sales, but that was a tough path, too. He looked too young and inexperienced, so landing a sales job was harder than he thought. He put his thinking cap on and thought he might become a real estate agent, so he took the tests and earned the credentials. Then he entered the real estate investing realm. His transition was interesting, because he had to change his mindset from a commission-based mentality to an investor mentality, which allowed him to quit his job as a real estate agent. According to Pat, once his monthly passive income from his real estate investments exceeded his monthly expenses he was able to start thinking about work differently. He got to do things that were fun and interesting to him, which is why he owns so many companies and lines of income. Pat started helping others with their businesses, which gives him tremendous satisfaction. Pat’s lifestyle reflects what many investors and business owners desire to replicate in their lives. Real estate was the foundation from which Pat could create the life he has now. Along the way, he learned new skills that he uses today, for example, reading a profit-and-loss statement and financial statements. You will find this episode vastly interesting if you are also interested in creating more horizontal lines of income… also known as sources of passive streams of income! Learn more.

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