CFD 169 – Leadership Authority Hans Finzel Gives Us the Keys to Becoming a Bigger, Badder, Better Business Owner and Best Leader We Can Be

A mentor, speaker and trainer whose practice serves business owners and entrepreneurs across several countries, Hans Finzel wrote the book on what it takes to be a great leader. In fact, he’s written a few. His top seller is The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, which gives you the low-down on how NOT to be a good leader. The good news is that if you apply what Hans teaches, you can turn yourself around over time and be a much better leader… one that others will want to follow and then help you as you build your business. This is important, because you need a good team. If you’re not a good leader you won’t have one, at least not for long. Without a team, you’ll continue wearing all those heavy hats and do everything yourself. According to Hans, great leaders do not control; they serve others and they listen to what their people have to say. Just like the most effective entreprenuers, the best leaders know whom they serve and they put their best listening ears on whenever they are talking with members of their team. Hans says we need to avoid “top-down” leadership. That’s where the leader is a control freak in one regard or another. He adds that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that we as the leaders do not have all the answers. To build a business takes a whole lot of communication and hiring the right people on your team. That comes down to the four C’s of hiring… and that starts with the person’s character. Hans says we can avoid uncomfortable firing issues by using a few cool strategies when hiring from the get-go. For example, do not hire permanently until you know the person is right for the job and fits in with the other members of the team. If the person lacks people skills, it will be hard on everyone else on the team, which means a harder climb to the top for your business. Better to hire on a three- to six-month trial basis. Hans gives excellent, expert tips about building necessary leadership skills, the importance of developing people skills, why we need good communication skills, how to hire the best people and how to get them to stay, and how to fire them gently if they don’t work out. In fact, Hans has so much to say about building your business through being a great leader that you will want to take notes. Then you’ll want to implement all he says to do! Learn more.

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