Growing up poor in Los Angeles, Jason Hartman always liked the idea of having more money. He didn’t like being poor and had to find ways to earn money.

Growing up poor in Los Angeles, Jason Hartman always liked the idea of having more money. He didn’t like being poor and had to find ways to earn money. He says he started working at age 14, which taught him a lot. He says he’s learned more by DOING in life than by any other means. That’s what he talks about in this Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. He also talks about how to create long-term wealth with investment properties, which is also what his podcast is all about. But Jason wasn’t always the mega-talented real estate investor he is today. He did, however, start on this path at 16. That’s when he saw an infomercial featuring real estate guru Robert Allen, and that’s when Jason was bitten by the real estate investing bug. He thought “even he” could do this real estate thing. He was absolutely right, but it would be a couple more years before he figured out how. In fact, he can thank his mom for nudging him along, because while Jason bought Robert Allen’s book and only got through the first three chapters, his mom picked it up and read the whole thing. She also attended lots of real estate investing seminars and educated herself on the business of investing. When Jason was 18, his mother invited him along and he attended his first seminar with 9 friends. By day two of the seminar, only one friend remained. Jason stayed for the entire three-day event. He enrolled in real estate school for just $99 and earned his license. It was all signals GO from there, and at the age of 20 Jason was selling government repo properties. The short story is that doing this put $43K in his pocket in a month! This college drop-out is the most financially successful of his high school class, thanks to real estate investing. Moreover, his wealth is a direct result of his openness to being a lifelong learner. Beyond all he learned in real estate school, he also learned from his first transactions as an investor. For example, the first time he decided to become an investor – and not just sell or wholesale properties – resulted from one of his first clients coming back to him for help selling a property Jason had originally sold to him. Jason thought he’d like to keep it as a rental property. Things didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped, but he learned a great deal in how to handle tenants. This includes how to do evictions, though he says he doesn’t have to do much of that these days. He found his sweet spot, somewhere in the middle tier of investment properties (a.k.a., “Target” properties). Jason said he couldn’t let his not-so-positive first-time-investor event hold him back. As Jason puts it, anything worth doing requires persistence, so he stuck with it… and he stuck with real estate investing. He now invests across several states in different types of properties. Even so, he chooses to rent the property in which he lives. Sound strange? There are good reasons. Learn why!

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