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CFD 171 – Mike Agugliaro Tells Us How to Grow Your Service Business All It Can Be!

For more than two decades, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Mike Agugliaro has run a very successful business, Gold Medal Service. In fact, it has grown into a multi-billion-dollar business!

However, his path didn’t take him directly to this level of success. He started out as a very hard-working electrician. This self-proclaimed survivor of divorce grew up in the middle of a terrible game of tug-o-war between his parents. He says it may have made an impact on his stay-on-the-hamster-wheel mentality that worked against him. Interestingly, he says he felt like a dog lying on a nail. Someone might wonder why the dog doesn’t move. The answer is because the dog got used to the nail.

So what changed? Mike’s mindset. Immediately after the birth of his son, an event he almost missed due to being on a job, he broke down in tears. He knew he couldn’t keep DOING the work any longer. With that epiphany he began listening to others who have gotten out of the rat race and learning a new way of thinking. He learned how to become a business owner and kept taking action steps with his partner, so they could build a business to be proud of.

The first thing Mike says he had to do was to learn to think like an entrepreneur. He realized going forward with his business idea would be no more painful than the pain he’d experienced already working job after job after job as an electrician. He had to learn to be okay with the idea of failure. After all, each failure event brings with it a lesson from which to learn. Mike didn’t just start his business and grow it to what it is today, he now shows others how to do it, too.

This business owner is also a coach and author! In this episode, Mike talks about the “X Factor” in business, why understanding your perfect client/customer is so important when setting out to achieve success as a business owner, and what else you need to know to grow your business the right way, like how to effectively use “stackable marketing.” Join J. Massey and Mike Agugliaro as they discuss how to change lives, change your industry and leave a legacy by saving others from going through growing pains. In short… serving people! Learn more.

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