CFD 174 – Adam Hommey Helps Us Make Our Web Pages Work for Us a Whole Lot Harder

Years ago, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Adam Hommey realized that entrepreneurs were making a huge mistake in creating and growing their online presence. This mistake was costing them thousands of dollars before they even got started. Maybe this is because he’s known as a “secret weapon” for lots of businesses and entrepreneurs! The founder of The Business Creators’ Institute™ and host of The Business Creators’ Radio Show™, Adam is the king of conversion. It’s something he does for himself, for example, earning $60,000 and 89 new coaching clients in a single afternoon! The creator of, Adam says you don’t want to waste time and energy sending visitors to your website; rather he says to send them to web PAGES, which means your landing pages, webinars, live online event pages and the like. Adam says he doesn’t just want anyone coming to his pages; he wants to send the three “P”s: Those who are Prequalified, Prepped and Pumped by the time they get to the webpages. This becomes your sourcing mechanisms. Then there is the website conversion conversation where you help your fans, followers and prospects get to know you, like you and then trust you enough to try what you have to sell. Adam says you need to take your concepts and give them a name to create a new center of influence for your brand. But he doesn’t stop there. This guest is so full of excellent suggestions to expand your exposure and build your brand through online conversion techniques that it’s hard to keep up. Adam speaks as quickly as his mind works… super-fast!! You might need to listen to this episode a couple of times. He says the more you can give away that is of true value to visitors to your web pages that will bring them real results the more you will have conversions to buyers. You need to let them know what you have, and there are lots and lots of ways to do that. Adam talks about that and how it works in different markets and industries. Real estate investors and professionals will find some hidden gems in this episode. Hint: Take notes when Adam talks about Las Vegas. Now, sit back and listen as Adam Hommey runs us through a variety of scenarios to make your web pages work better for you.

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