CFD 180 – Team Member Linda Solis Gives Us a Whole New Understanding of “Journal Entries”

Part of Cash Flow Diary’s accounting and finance team who works very closely with our CFO, Linda Solis takes on the “not-so-glamorous” tasks like making journal entries to keep the financial side of our business running smoothly. This is critical to success of all areas of our business. One of Linda’s areas of expertise is reconciliations. She says that’s because she likes putting puzzle pieces together to make a great picture. Linda also says that accounting and her tasks wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but she loves all the organizational side of things. Because we move so fast around here, we need Linda to keep the financials on track. So how we find her? Through relationships! Linda worked with our CFO and when she required more assistance, she called Linda. As luck would have it, Linda had just become available, first on a part-time basis and then moving into a full-time position. Because analysis is a strong suit, Linda is a welcome asset to all we do, but especially on the real estate investing side of the business. As your business grows and expands, you will need someone like Linda, too. So how do you find that team member? You might start by asking associates if they know anyone they trust. Referrals are an excellent place to start. If that comes up bust, you will have to be more assertive in placing ads online, putting out a call for resumes, use Linked In and consider talking to a staffing recruiter. Then ask your candidates a whole lot of questions. In our case, because the CFO had already worked with Linda, her skills were already vetted. By her own admission, Linda is an introvert, so she prefers not interacting with other team members and the public. However, she has learned that coming out of her shell is not so scary. She is getting to know the other team members now and reports having a good time. That’s something you want to do with your team members… help them grow and become more than they currently are. If you build the people they will then build the business. Wealth is, after all, a team sport! And as Linda says clearly during this interview, she’s a member of a team where all members care about each other. Learn more about how we do things behind the scenes here at Cash Flow Diary and how we all keep up with each other.

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