CFD 185 – Sales Superhero Paul Kirch Shares How to Go from W-2 Worker to Successful Business Owner.

  • 4 years ago

Sales coach, founder of Actus Sales Intelligence, host of Boss Academy Radio and sales academy leader, Paul Kirch started in Gallup and moved around in research organizations. He knew he was strong in sales and that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. However, he said his fears held him back. He accepted a great sales job instead. That’s where he learned to build relationships and trust, because that is what great sales is all about. Things were sailing along fine and he moving up the ladder in his industry. Then something shifted. The company was bought out almost overnight the company culture shifted to something that made him and his wife who also worked there miserable.

That was the push he needed to head out and start his own company. Paul says his wife was eight months pregnant at the time, yet she was very supportive of his move into entrepreneurialism. Actus, Paul’s company, is the brainchild of that decision to take control of their own life and finances. Now Paul reports being happy and fulfilled. In this Cash Flow Diary podcast interview, Paul shares with us the steps he had to move through to shift his mindset to doing what he really wanted to do to start a company where in his first year he paid himself nothing. There was a lot of risk, but he did it anyway. The outcome was to create a successful company. One of his very first steps once he took the leap, Paul wrote an article titled “The Cowardly Entrepreneur.” And just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz, Paul discovered that everything he needed to be a successful entrepreneur was already inside him. Listen to Paul as he walks us through all the steps he took to get where he is today.

He promises you have what you need to replicate his journey. It will take some courage. Learn more.