CFD 190 – Mary Jo Cranmore Tells Us How to Distribute Our Message… Strategically

CFD 190 – Mary Jo Cranmore Tells Us How to Distribute Our Message… Strategically

Former Good Morning, America field producer, local NBC and ABC news producer, and partner in the content marketing agency, Client Cycle Marketing, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Mary Jo Cranmore is excellent in guiding others in smart ways to attract new clients using on­line platform video marketing.

Through a program called “Bottle Your Brilliance” she shows us how to use a mix of storytelling and client attraction to really “pull” in new customers and clients. Mary Jo’s video marketing programs teach experts to leverage their knowledge and create content their clients really want. Client Cycle also helps clients develop information products and build effective marketing and sales systems around those information products.

Between the media career and Client Cycle, Mary Jo worked as Client Service Director for a large, international marketing agency and her clients were Discovery Channel, Kraft Foods, Ann Taylor and Verizon. However, that’s not how she started out. In fact, she started out in politics, but quickly found that she didn’t enjoy it.

Her next step was to become a “regular” television producer, which meant she traveled a lot. She worked with people who would go on to become pretty big in news reporting.

Mary Jo eventually made her way to Florida and then on to Portland, Maine (during a blinding snow storm). There she took an executive producing job. She loved it so much that she stayed for 15 years. During that time she began field producing for Good Morning, America. There’s a back story on this part. Be sure to listen.

That’s also the time Mary Jo learned from one of her mentors that everyone has a story… not just the rich and famous. She learned how to talk to people and to truly listen. This is a skill that she took forward into creating her current business. Mary Jo is a natural “connector”! She learned to ask great questions, too, which is something we all need to do.

Listen to this noteworthy interview to learn more about seeing opportunities, why mistakes won’t kill you, why you have to bounce back after making them, why it’s important to cross things off your list when they don’t feel right, and why it’s important to gather courage to take a few risks to get to where you really want to be in business and in life!! (You also learn that if you want to be an entrepreneur you have to be willing to look stupid.)