CFD 191 – Rock Thomas Tells Us to Go Big and Abundant in Life and Business!

With 17 consecutive years of impressive business growth under his belt, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest, Gobundance tribe member and superstar mindset mentor Rock Thomas has a lot to say about sales and success. And you should listen! He says quite clearly that staying on track comes from one’s ability to control his mindset. The things Rock says in this interview are critical to keeping you on track in your goals and in helping you create abundance. Maybe the foundation for Rock’s success comes from being born and raised on a farm and learning how to work really hard from an early age. He says he also learned how important having a daily routine is to one’s success. Rock says he didn’t grow up in a home with a TV, and he doesn’t spend much time watching television now. He spent a lot of time reading books at the library, and he still spends time reading and learning. Some of his favorite books were written by great thought leaders of the world from our time and throughout history. Rock attributes his success today to learning from mistakes he made in the past. He says he learned to “do what you fear to make it disappear,” which is something he practices even today. Rock also says that he asks clients what they do before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m., because then he can accurately predict what their financial future looks like and how to help them turn things around for a more positive outcome. So how does Rock focus every day? He journals every night before he sleeps about what he is grateful for, what he has contributed in the day, and what he learned. Then his brain files that information away, and helps him to push harder the next day. It becomes a cycle of success.

So was Rock always entrepreneurial? He says a negative life event at the age of 14 set him on this path. In high school he had his friends working for him in a lawn-care business; he was the one knocking on doors and getting the contracts. He developed a passion for sales and inspiring others. However, his path to success and wealth wasn’t exactly a straight shot. He held a lot of different jobs as he traveled the world as a young man. He took opportunities whenever they presented themselves. He says we have to try for those things we truly want. For example, Rock wanted to work in the movies, so he kept showing up day after day for seven days in a row… even after being told to leave the set. On the seventh day, no one asked him to leave. In fact, they asked him to take over for a worker that hadn’t shown up. He got to work on set like he wanted for quite some time. He says this isn’t the first time his persistence paid off big. Rock says we should all be persistent. It is a character trait of the most successful individuals. Rock says that’s just one of the characteristics of the successful, however. You’re going to learn so much about what makes a person go from zero to superhero in this interview that you’re going to want to take notes. Lots and lots of notes. Learn more.