CFD 194 – Billy and Akaisha Kaderli Tell Us We CAN Live Life On Our Own Terms!!

Traveling the globe since 1991, Cash Flow Diary podcast guests Billy and Akaisha Kaderli live life on the road for one reason. More than two decades ago, this loving couple made a choice to retire early so they could enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle than what they found in the 9-to-5 world of corporations, cubicles and corner offices. The couple was just 38 years old when they made their decision. Billy was a chef looking for ways to grow his business; he asked Akaisha to help. He opened a restaurant and then went back to ask Akaisha out.

Their love of food and travel brought them together. They both continued to work. Billy was seduced into becoming a stock broker where he did well for years. But with that success came less than he bargained for… like less and less time with Akaisha. They saw very little of each other. As Akaisha says, they were both working about 80 hours a week so they could one day travel and enjoy their time together. The couple sat down and wrote out their goals, they went over their finances and figured out how they would live a self-reliant life! That was at a time before home computers. Billy used the back of an envelope. He added up his assets and anything that’s sellable, he deducted the expenses and decided what their adjusted spending should be. The couple had to adjust their lifestyle, too.

They got rid of their house, and therefore their house payment, their gardener and all the related expenses. They got rid of their vehicles and all related expenses. They got rid of their work-related expenses… because they no longer had jobs. They adjusted for inflation and then they hit the road. You’ll learn exactly how they do that in this incredibly unique episode. You’ll hear about where they began their travels, where they headed next, how they lived and how they learned to take life slow. They’ve lived in a lot of places outside the U.S., because they say it’s more interesting to see the sights and get to know the people in other countries. But they find equal enjoyment inside the U.S. and even have a little place in Arizona.

If you’d like to follow in their footsteps, you’ll have the blueprint by the end of this episode, even if that means becoming a digital nomad. You also might change your thoughts about what retirement means to you. Learn more.

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