CFD 197 – More Q & A to Help You and Your Business Today!

  • 4 years ago

What’s better than a little time with a real estate educator and mentor? Lots more time with him! Because people keep asking to hear more of my weekly LIVE Q & A with J episodes that only Cashflow Core Members have regular access to, I decided to put another one up here as a Cash Flow Diary podcast episode. Maybe that will help you move your needle forward in your real estate investing and business-growth goals. My team took out the fluff and kept just the questions and answers, so you get more of what you need!! In this episode I answer questions that people in the Cash Flow Diary network send in ahead of time or type into the live chat box during the show. Plus, I cover lots of topics, even mindset shifts and overcoming fears, which are critical as a real estate investor to keep you motivated and help you handle any negative experiences. I promise there will be negative experiences, a few not-so-great dealings with other individuals in your market and deals, and that you will make mistakes. That’s all okay. It’s part of your learning curve. You can’t be afraid of any of it or let your fears stop you. Just learn how to deal with things the right way. You will want to grab a pen and take notes, because maybe I will answer a question you have! If you want to be a part of the LIVE Q & A experience each week, there’s only one way. You have to become a Cashflow Core Member. You can even try it out for a buck for your first month, so what’s stopping you? Learn more.