CFD 200 – Coach John Klymshyn Turns the Tables on Me!

  • 4 years ago

Sometimes it’s fun to do something a little different in life. So that’s what we did for this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast. When you hit the LISTEN NOW link, you’re gonna be greeted by a different host’s voice this time around. You’ll be hearing the voice of John Klymshyn, a really cool business coach I interviewed a few months back. Listen in as John interviews me and gives you a deeper glimpse into my mind and the way things work in there! John asks great questions and really gives me a chance to share more insights with you, which I hope helps you move forward. For example, right off the bat John asks me about the three things I feel are necessary to achieve success. My answer is integrity, faith and action, and I get a chance to explain my answer, too.

John gets me to open up about creating a plan and why action is so important, and what I’ve learned about the difference between what we THINK we know and what we really know in business. We all have to learn to freefall; not everything can be planned. Not every plan will work the way we want it to. In short, there’s truly nothing better than taking action, stepping out in faith.

What’s really fun about this episode is that John gathered questions for me from my fans, followers and friends! Boy, talk about a test… some are new questions that I’ve never been asked before.

I also get to talk about some of the things I always enjoy discussing, like the importance of building a foundation for your entrepreneurial business, about how to get the right education and why I share what I do with those who have ears to hear. For example, one of the reasons I share my video diary is so people who are new to investing can see what this life is truly like. Sometimes it’s not very exciting, but we all have to walk through the boring parts, too. John asks me about building a team along with building a business. This is a critical part of any successful business, because we can’t get to our goals alone. We can’t keep wearing all the hats. At least not at the higher levels of investing in real estate.

You’ll get a kick out of this episode and I hope it really helps you move your needle forward… whatever that means to you. It could be real estate investing, owning a business or becoming the best entrepreneur you can be. Learn more as John drills down to the reasons Cash Flow Diary exists. (He even asks me to tell him about my biggest dream!)