A lot of people set their sights on earning $100,000 in a year. But what if you could earn that in just a month? It is possible. How do I know?

A lot of people set their sights on earning $100,000 in a year. But what if you could earn that in just a month? It is possible. How do I know? Because all my September guests have done it… and not just once. Jason Hartman is my first guest for this special motivational series. I chose Jason as the guest to start this series off because he comes to the table with lots of stats and proof that earning $100,000 a month is really possible… and not just for the top 1% in our country. As a firm believer in investing in cashflowing real estate, Jason has earned this amount in a single month lots of times.

Growing up poor, Jason knew he didn’t want to keep struggling as an adult. He put his nose to the grindstone and kept his focus on working in real estate in a variety of ways and always investing on the side. Last year he became a developer and is working on building wealth from that side, too. Jason says he stays away from Wall Street and questionable investments, though he admits that once in a while he falls for one that looks too good to be true (and ends up being just that).

So if you want to earn $100,000 a month, is it the money or the mission you should focus on? Many gurus might tell you to follow your passion and you’ll get there. Jason says that for most people this isn’t realistic. Focus instead on the benefits your passion and path brings. For example, I don’t truly enjoy doing real estate; I love the benefits participating in real estate transactions brings. What does this mean? You have to focus on the financial freedom that you’re after. Nothing happens to provide financial freedom more than participating in real estate investing. The proof of concept is there… because we all need a place to live, work, play and lay. I say this all the time. Jason Hartman adds to this proof of concept and talks about scalability in your investments – even if it’s not real estate – so you can earn even more.

Jason also talks about how to use today’s technologies in your goals, as well as the exact steps you’ll need to take to “get there.” He adds that attitude counts in a big way, because it is your foundation for success. Jason and I even discuss a few key books you should read to help you think big and achieve your goals more quickly. Learn more.

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