CFD 202 – Darryl Lyons Said Good Bye to the Trailer Park and Never Looked Back

When I first got involved in real estate investing the idea of earing six figures in a single year seemed way out of my reach. But then I did it my very first year! It was time to set new goals, so that’s what I did, and I keep setting new goals. Big goals. Cash Flow Diary guest Darryl Lyons understands doing things big, too! After all, he’s from Texas where everything is big.

This first-time guest on the podcast, Darryl talks about how growing up poor in a trailer park motivated him to never go back once he left. He worked his way out and worked his way through college, but didn’t want to be stuck in a corporate job over the long term. So he took at different route, starting a business that helps others with their finances. What’s really interesting about this path is that he became a financial advisor very early in life. Darryl became successful at a young age, too, including hitting his first $100K month.

So how did this young man get so successful? He credits is to a little luck and a lot of action. He wasn’t afraid to fail; he kept trying. Darryl said he had nothing to lose, so he learned to put a hustle in his step. He pressed on past his mistakes; he was comfortable with risk; he knew the reward in playing it safe wasn’t big enough. So he kept moving his needle forward.

Darryl talks about the importance of making mistakes. Like so many other successful entrepreneurs, he credits those mistakes as being a part of his successes. He also says that if he’s not uncomfortable he knows he’s not growing, so he’s going to keep pushing toward new goals and staying uncomfortable over the long haul.

Talking about the long road, Darryl puts forth an interesting concept of taking the slow path to success. He calls it the “crock pot” way of thinking. Slow and steady. He says that he’s seen a lot of people make it big really fast, but then not be able to stick around. These people are now working for other people! Darryl says he doesn’t want that to be his story.

Listen in as Darryl and I discuss the importance of building relationships and burning bridges. Some people call those “burning the boats” moments. That’s when you’re all in! You will also hear Darryl and I discuss failure events and how to live through them. Darryl shares a personally painful story involving his father who after working for a corporation for many years and was doing well ended up losing his job. It wasn’t just that he lost his job, it’s how the company let him know. This life event took the family down a terrible path, but also seeded the ideal that entrepreneurialism is the only way to go. Learn more.

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