CFD 204 – Real Estate Investor Joe Fairless Shares His Secrets to Success

Originally from Texas, Joe Fairless moved to New York City to start out in marketing and advertising, and then worked his way up the corporate ladder. On his way he learned how to be a real estate investor. He got good at closing deals using none of his own money, and then keep adding to his skill set. Joe was able to leave his J.O.B. and open his own company, Fairless Investing, and he just keeps creating a whole lot of value! That’s what he talks about in this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast.

Joe’s first investments were in Texas… though he lived and worked in New York. He started with single family homes and smaller multi-family properties. Today Joe invests beyond Texas in some pretty large properties and he continues to have a tremendous passion for real estate investing and entrepreneurialism. He also gets to use his marketing and advertising skills in what he does today.

As Joe points out, it’s really important to do what you really love in life and you’ll earn plenty of money. But your success doesn’t happen overnight. For Joe it has taken a few years, but as he looks back he says it was worth everything he went through to get where he is today. However, had he been able to see into the future, he said that he might have let fear stop him. Fortunately he didn’t have a crystal ball and started learning real estate investing.

Today Joe is not just a real estate investor that has $100K months, he’s also a syndicator! He raises lots and lots of private capital for his deals, too. On that note, Joe says it takes a lot of time to build those relationships. He warns all listeners that your deals won’t get done in a few days and you’re done. The big deals can take months. But the payoff is huge. It all starts with learning to identify opportunities in real estate where you can create value and then cash in on the value.

Joe says you have to be willing to put in plenty of time first to learn how to do the transactions in real estate and time doing the deals. You have to read a lot of books that help you shift your mindset and you have to do things in your life that will keep you healthier, wealthier and wiser!

Learn more about how Joe Fairless sets goals and conducts his life to maintain his success.