CFD 211 – Kevin Jans Speaks the Foreign Language of Government Contracts to Help Business owners and Goods/Services Providers!

Kevin Jans spent 16 years on the government side of federal contracting as a contract specialist and contracting officer. He bought goods and services across a variety of industries, totaling over $1 Billion. Kevin now hosts the Contracting Officer Podcast. He also serves as the president of Skyway Acquisition Solutions, which he founded in 2011 and has helped clients win $470 million in contracts. Kevin’s super-power is his ability to help people understand this complex market in simple terms.

Kevin is an amazing resource of information for anyone wanting to land a government contract. He says there is a literal sea of opportunities in government contracts and while the process might be complicated it is not undoable. He helps small business owners get through the process every day. His company helps them understand their focus.

Kevin says to get an idea of what is available to you as a small business owner or “vendor” of services that the government may hire you to provide. Your first stop is; your next is

The short story here is that the government has a lot of money to spend with providers of services and goods. But Kevin says those large numbers is exactly what gets people unfocused. He says to focus on your niche and start there. He must be pretty good, because Kevin’s company has helped others land more than $470 MILLION in contracts. Pretty impressive to say the least. Learn more about Kevin’s path to becoming a killer contracts officer. Hear about how solving problems is at the crux of what he does to help others.

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