CFD 214 – Marci Lock is known worldwide as “The Body-Mind Mentor” and the Game Changer for creating massive life shifts

Marci Lock shares the tools she learned going from a single mother and $2 an hour waitress, to building a 6 figure monthly income and a worldwide known enterprise.  She is passionate about changing lives around the world through shifting the Inner Game to create the Rockin’ Body, Relationships, Business and Fantastical Life by breaking down the barriers to get and keep breakthrough results in every area of Life.

As a Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset Expert and Transformation Mentor, she has appeared on TV around the world and has touched and transformed thousands of lives through her Mind Body Breakthrough Program, Goddess Revolution Experience, Bad Ass Break Through Adventure Series, Corporate Wellness Programs, bestselling books, the Marci Lock “Influential TV show” and Radio show and her Kick Ass Events.

Marci lives in Southern California with her two amazing boys, seizing life in every moment, and living in alignment with her purpose and passion with a Commitment to Awesomeness as her daily norm.

You can download the Marci Lock App for free on iTunes or to get free workouts, recipes and break through tips. Follow her for daily inspiration on Facebook, and get her free video series at

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