CFD 216 – Young Entrepreneurs Event Part 2 with J Massey

  • 4 years ago

Continuing the message that I shared with the live audience at a recent Young Entrepreneurs Event in Irvine, Calif., that I started in the past Monday's episode of Cash Flow Diary, I talk about why and how I entered real estate investing. I also share with you the importance of continuing to gain the skills to do more and more in real estate investing.

When you listen to this episode you will hear why I had to learn how to use other people’s resources to keep hitting my goals and then setting new ones. You'll hear a lot of back-and-forth interactions between different audience members and me. We do a little role play, I answer lots of questions and I help steer a few people in better directions.

I absolutely love getting up in front of audiences who are there to learn more so that they can do more in real estate. I always practice a little something I like to call CAREFRONTATION(tm). Maybe you can pick out a few of those moments from this special episode. It's the next best thing to being in the room live with me for the event. (Maybe you can be at one near you soon. If you're involved in a real estate investing group, especially in the Orange County of Los Angeles areas, and you're looking for a little inspiration and carefrontation, let me know. Hit me up through the site. There's a chat link in the lower right of the screen!