CFD 218 – San Diego Event Part 2 with J. Massey

In this exciting Cash Flow Diary podcast episode, you get a treated to an insider’s look at real estate investing and why it makes so much sense. Listen as I answer lots of questions from the audience at a recent event in San Diego, Calif.

You will learn why wealth is for EVERYONE. When I realized that fact it changed my life… and it happened the first time I played the Cashflow 101 board game. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a game created by Robert Kiyosaki, one of mentors who opened the world of real estate investing to me.

As you listen to this episode you’ll hear a few new things. For example, how you work cell phone tower deals and why participating in real estate is far better than keeping one’s money in a low-interest retirement account. If you have money stuffed away in an IRA, this might be eye-opening for you.

In this episode you also get to learn a few systems you need so you can build your real estate investing empire. You’ll learn why it’s so important to educate others about what you’re doing and how to do what you’re doing. It’s called “educate to dominate” and it’s no joke. To succeed you must educate your market.

You also get a few tips to help you succeed, a couple of books you should read, and you’ll learn why giving first beats the heck out of taking. When you become a resource for other people you become the local expert and you build your lists of buyer, seller and investor leads.

There is so much EXCELLENT information in this episode that you might want listen to it more than once. Learn more.

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