CFD 219 – Jacob Blackett and Sterling White Zeroed in on a Market and Became Local Experts in Rental Properties

  • 4 years ago

My Cash Flow Diary podcast guests Jacob Blackett and Sterling White move fast. They’ve created something that’s mighty impressive called Holdfolio. This innovative company enables investors to purchase ownership in a portfolio of income properties that the co-founders own. Holdfolio is the result of Jacob and Sterling deciding to create a partnership in a business that serves not just accredited investors but also those who don’t meet those requirements. Since both men love buying rental properties and have a passion for real estate investing, the partnership was a natural.

Jacob started really early in real estate investing. He was a freshman in college. One night he saw a late-night infomercial about real estate investing that grabbed his interest. So he put himself on the path to learning.

Sterling started even younger… as a kid in school selling candy! He found that he loved sales. Later in life he discovered real estate investing and ventured into the single-family home space in Indianapolis. It was through a seminar Jacob was attending with his mentor that Sterling and Jacob first met.

After Sterling introduced himself to Jacob at the event, he started showing up at Jacob’s office… frequently. His persistence paid off; Jacob took notice. It didn’t take long before the two were doing deals as a team.

Because I hear all sorts of excuses from people about why they haven’t gotten into real estate investing YET, I made sure to ask Jacob and Sterling how they feel about excuses. For example, I hear all the time, “I’m too old, too young, too busy, have kids, have chaos, too fat, too thin, too whatever” to do real estate investing. It’s crazy. And these are simply excuses. If you REALLY want to get into real estate investing (or anything else) you have to take action and learn how to do this new thing. Or just stop talking about it.

Sterling and Jacob completely agree. Neither of these men let their age or any other “obstacle” stop them from creating something really cool in the industry. To get there in their minds and allow the success they now enjoy, they say they took and continue to take from the pages of success and wealth-creation books, especially the classics! Knowing what it takes to earn long-term wealth, Jacob and Sterling worked with mentors, which shortened their learning curve from a decade down to two years. When they started working together they were able to become superstar investors.

Learn more about how Holdfolio works. It might be a way for you to jump into the real estate investing pool without the upfront learning curve, especially if you like the idea of investing in properties with good appreciation and good cashflow in Indianapolis and the midwest.