Buying her first stock in the sixth grade, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Andrea Travillian says that at that moment she was hooked.

Buying her first stock in the sixth grade, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Andrea Travillian says that at that moment she was hooked. She loves investing! Andrea would end up earning her MBA and doing all sorts of financial planning for other people. But after learning a lot of different areas of that industry she decided she wanted to do something different. So she became an event and wedding planner. This actually makes more sense than you might think, because Andrea is a natural-born planner. She says she always planned events… as far back as childhood and her teenage years!

That path lasted for a while… until she got burned out, took her last client and then reimagined herself. Andrea became a bookkeeper and grew her client base, helping them with taxes and guiding them in better financial decisions.

This decision took her to a new path. Now Andrea Travillian is a small business advisor who specializes in helping business owners make smart decisions that improve profits, efficient and create a strong business.

It is obvious to me that Andrea displays a lot of courage, because she moved out of corporate finance and into the entrepreneurial world with amazing ease. Andrea says it wasn’t easy, but she did it because the pain of staying and all the overtime made leaving look very attractive.

Listen to this episode and you’ll learn of the events that pushed Andrea to become the entrepreneur she is today. Or might I say the HAPPY entrepreneur she is today!

I love how Andrea explains what she does for her clients, relating the steps to building a house. She says you need to first build the foundation, then the first floor followed by the second floor. If you only partially do one level the house will eventually collapse.

Before you can build the foundation, you need to have the master plans. Building a house without a plan is doable, but might take twice as long and you may not get what you really wanted. Business is the same way. If you don’t know where you want to end up and where your business will help with that then you have no idea if you will get where you want.

Your business foundation is your structure and includes your accounting, legal and basic management. Your first floor is you growing your business. You learn how to market and sell. You create products/services and learn how to manage it all.

The second floor is where you create processes, procedures, job descriptions – everything that you need to become efficient and be able to eventually delegate – so you can go hang out on your beach!

Your third floor is where you can choose to bring on staff and continue to grow the business. You don’t have to hire, but you are easily able to if you want! This is also where you begin to master the wealth generation so you can live your dream.

Finally you can “retire.” You may not think right now you will ever want to, but you may. At least by reaching the point where you could do this you get control over when you want it to happen. You are in charge of your life! And isn’t that what being a small business owner is all about? Being in charge of our own lives? Learn more. LISTEN NOW.

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