CFD 222 – Tony Delmercado Is a Hawkeye When It Comes to Knowing Digital Marketing!

Ever experience the “zebra effect” online? You know… when you log on to do one thing and then get absolutely lost as you’re led from shiny thing to shiny thing till you feel like you’re in a field of zebras? Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Tony Delmercado understands. Tony is the COO at Hawke Media, a leading outsourced digital CMO agency for companies including Evite, Bally Total Fitness, Verizon Wireless, Eddie Bauer, Red Bull and many other brands.

Prior to his position at Hawke Media, Tony was the COO at Fame Wizard, a firm that helped develop the careers of independent artists. His craving to improve the world of business is exemplified by his time as director member of service at the World Business Academy, a nonprofit think tank and network of business and thought leaders with a mission to inspire and help businesses assume responsibility for the whole of society.

But what and who was Tony before that? What was he doing before helping businesses and their owners spread the messages, build their brands and help them create lots and lots of cashflow through great digital marketing?

Tony’s first job was as a low-wage worker at a golf course caring for the grounds. So he and a friend started their own lawn care business. They mowed lawns. Over time they build up a true lawn care business with lots of mowers, trucks and yard workers of their own, which started when Tony found a way to get low-interest funding for mowers!

When it came time for Tony to head off to college, he first thought about being a teacher, but realized it wouldn’t pay. He says while he’s sad about that, because he loves the idea of teaching, that decision pushed him to follow another path and passion.

After graduating he bought a used Police van, loaded it up with all his belongings and headed across the country to become a west coast architect. That’s what he was trained to do, but it’s not what he ended up doing. In fact, he started selling knives.

About that time, Tony found that he loved being an entrepreneur. He says he’s a builder vs. a sustainer or closer. He needs change every three to five years. Tony became a serial entrepreneur. His journey is one of the more interesting ones because of the people he got to work with, especially in the music industry.

You are definitely going to want to hear Tony’s story. His long and winding road to success is a bit unique. Give it your attention and see what you can learn. LISTEN NOW.