CFD 223 – In Case You Missed It: My Interview Experience with Robert Kiyosaki!

  • 4 years ago

Anyone who knows me, who has taken any of the Cash Flow Diary courses or has read literally any of my materials knows that Robert Kiyosaki is one of my #1 mentors. In 2014 I got the thrill of a lifetime because I was interviewed by my mentor and his wife on their Rich Dad Radio Show. I remember this interview like it was yesterday.

What was cool is that I wasn’t the only one being interviewed. Nope. My friend Russell Grey from the Real Estate Radio Guys was also interviewed on the show. It allowed us to bond even more. Now Russell and I see each other from time to time at events. He and his partner Robert Helms wrote the introduction to my book, and later they invited me to be an educator on their Summit at the Sea events. I can’t wait to see what we do together next! I have the utmost respect for these individuals.

The topic of the show was Does God Want You to be Rich? What you might find interesting is that this Cash Flow Diary podcast episode includes the parts you don’t get to hear on the actual show – like what happened during the breaks – which gives you a deeper look into my story and why my belief in God is so important to my success.

During the show, the Kiyosakis talk about how similar my getting-into-real-estate-investing story is to theirs! That was kinda neat. So we talked about my experience as a “professional squatter” and how my wife and I worked our way out of that ugly situation.

I share how I used a Subject-To Deal to help someone out of foreclosure (while I was still in foreclosure myself) in one of my first deals. In this interview you will hear new parts of my story that I don’t typically share. In case you missed this radio interview, give it a listen now. We cover a lot of ground, including our belief and trust in God (and why there is actually a difference), and how this helps us as we work toward our goals. We discuss the importance of persistence, generosity, fear and how to push yourself to take the leap of faith into what we truly should be doing in life.

My conversation with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki took me down memory lane and the different paths I followed as a new real estate investor as I answer their questions. This was an absolutely exciting radio interview for me and it will stick with me forever. I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it.

If you need a bit of inspiration to start your week off right, this episode of my podcast just might help! LISTEN NOW.