CFD 232 – Ever Heard of the Guy Who Stopped Digging 100 Feet from Gold?

  • 4 years ago

One of the things that makes me nuts is when people stop before they strike gold in their career. That’s like working really hard for a while in a mine, having the goal in your mind, not getting to the goal fast enough and then throwing the pick to the side. Why would you do that?

In my real estate investing journey I have experienced so many up’s and down’s that it might surprise you. I’ve had terrible things happen with tenants and buildings… but I haven’t let it stop me from acquiring more and more units of property.

I have a goal in my mind. It’s to have 1,000 units of property, and I’m working on it. How will I get there? By realizing I will work UNTIL I reach my goal. I’m not an employee, I’m not a worker bee, I’m not an hourly consultant. I am an entrepreneur, so my sense of completion may not happen as quickly as I’d like it to, and that’s okay.

In this introspective episode of my Cash Flow Diary podcast, I talk about how to keep going even when things aren’t going smoothly and especially when you’re new to real estate investing.

As a new investor, you have to take steps. The first is to get out there and talk to strangers. You don’t know who you will meet today, tomorrow, a week from now, a year from now, etc. But it’s a sure thing that you won’t meet anyone new… no sellers, no buyers and no investors… unless you get out there and work until you get to your goals. (Notice I say “goals” plural.)

Maybe if I give you a blueprint for success in real estate investing (or anything else) it would help you. So, I put it in this episode. That way, maybe you won’t succumb to “quitting fever.” Learn more. LISTEN NOW.