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As today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Stephen Gregg always says, “If you build the people, the people will help build the business.” I figure that’s a great way to start this write up, because that’s the focus of this episode. (Well, that and becoming the best sales person you can be.)

Given that Stephen was the man who took time to coach me when I was a newbie investor, his being my guest on the show means a lot to me. You’ll hear a few stories about how I was when I first started out that you might find entertaining, too. No doubt you’ll realize that back then I really was just like any other new investor listening to this podcast today.

How I got to the level I am at today is by applying what I learned from people like Stephen and then DOING what they taught me to do over and over again till I got great at it.

Stephen says he started selling at the early age of just 16… selling sewing machines. He was dreadfully shy and didn’t know how to talk to groups of people. The good news is that eventually he tackled and overcame his insecurities to become the super sales person he is today. First he had to grow his skill sets and fail a few times due to not having mentors who could guide him.

Notice I didn’t say he let the shortcomings and failures stop him from moving forward toward his goals. His primary objective was to never work for someone else. He wanted to be an entrepreneur… the BEST he could be. Today he teaches others to follow in his footsteps at his Power Sales University.

So how did he get to the impressive place he is now?

He discovered the Four Levels of Learning, which he says helped him understand how his brain worked and how to work his brain. Stephen consumed books and training while he continued his less-than-smooth road through the school of hard knocks till he got to “Success City.”

In this episode you’ll hear that we don’t talk about earning big bucks that drives entrepreneurs to their goals. You’ll also hear that reaching success means aligning yourself with the right people. You can start with no family support, no mentors, no money, no anything but a clearly defined dream and make it just fine. It may take you a decade, but that’s okay. (It could also take only weeks or months depending on your goals – like writing your first offer on a property – and just how big your dreams are.)

There are so many pearls of wisdom in this episode you’ll want to write them all down. Then you’ll want to DO exactly what Stephen and I tell you to do to push yourself beyond your limits. We talk a lot about sales. You’ll definitely want to have your ear buds in for those parts! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.

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