CFD 247 – Jefferson Lilly is One of the Happy “Trailer Park Boys” of Real Estate Investing

  • 4 years ago

Okay, so he may not be the first person to discover the benefits of investing in trailer parks, but Jefferson Lilly does it really, really well! Part of Park Street Partners, Jefferson now spends most of his time helping other people to invest in real estate, and he is here today to share why he does what he does in trailer parks.

Jefferson describes trailer parks as a “quirky little niche.” Since there are maybe 1,500 mobile home parks that actually change hands every year nationwide, he’s right. But you know what they say… you can get rich in a niche! Maybe that’s why Jefferson’s smile is so bright it would make the Cheshire Cat envious.

So who was Jefferson before he became the mobile home park investment expert, educator, and industry consultant he is who has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg Magazine, and on the ‘Real Money’ television show?

Prior to co-founding Park Street Partners in 2013, Jefferson spent seven years investing his own capital at Lilly & Company where he acquired and continues to operate mobile home parks in the Midwest, and consults to mobile home park owners in California. But that’s not all.

Jefferson came from a corporate background and held leadership roles in sales. But after doing that for a decade he decided he wanted to build a lifestyle that would allow him to spend time with his family. Real estate investing was where he ended up after time working with a few extremely successful start-ups.

Then the real estate investing bug bit him. He looked at multifamily properties in different states. He scoured Loopnet time and time again. Everything that yielded the results he wanted were trailer parks. At first he was stubborn, refusing to take the plunge. Then he looked at the numbers and bought his first mobile home park in Oklahoma City. It ended up being a great call. He chose to be a full-time investor and then consultant to others who wanted to learn how to do what he did.

The long and short of Jefferson’s story is that he is living a life he’s passionate about. He’s learned how to “wash, rinse and repeat” in his niche. Jefferson is a very successful investor. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.