CFD 248 – Inside Peek at My Members-Only “Q & A with J” Web Show Episodes

Wanna know a great way to cut your learning curve when learning how to do real estate investing? It’s having a mentor. Even better, what if you had several mentors? That’s what you get inside the Cashflow Core Membership.

To give you just a little glimpse of one of the ways you can move your needle forward more quickly toward your goals in real estate investing, check out this episode of my Cash Flow Diary podcast. I’ve simply lifted a recent episode of my Q & A with J web show.

The show happens every Tuesday at 4 p.m., PST, on a secure channel that is only open to Cashflow Core Members. The show was created for one reason: to answer questions… all questions… regarding deal structures, how to step through different strategies in real estate investing, helping members overcome challenges they may be having and more.

Those who tune in most weeks to the show tend to move more quickly toward their goals. I’ve noticed they are the same members who tend to earn the most. There’s a reason. They ask me questions. Some are really, really detailed questions. Others just need a bit of instruction and motivation. They get that in the show every week, too.

Each and every week I answer lots of questions… never on just one topic. Put your ear buds in and give this episode a listen. See what you think. If you’re not a member and want to try it you can. Learn how in the first two minutes of this podcast episode, because it includes one of my YouTube clips that will tell you what to do! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.