Why should you care about currency and how it works? What is the ebb and flow of the Fed anyway?

Why should you care about currency and how it works? What is the ebb and flow of the Fed anyway? And what the heck does the 16thAmendment mean to you? That’s what Cash Flow Diary podcast ‘Real Estate Guys’ Russell Gray talks about, simplifying these lofty topics so we can understand in layman’s terms. As investors, the more we know the better we can be at what we do. That’s what the DIIP is all about. That’s why I tell you to read the news, see what you can take away from what’s going on in our world today and then apply what you learn to your Real Estate business. Politics, the economy and how our Federal Reserve works dictates a lot of factors that affect your success as a Real Estate Investor. Russ spent years learning everything he could stuff into his brain about currency and investing.

His research took him into the area of macroeconomics as he learned more about the Baby Boomer market. One of the most interesting things about Russ is that the way he explains things makes it easier to understand. Another thing you’ll understand after listening to this episode is that no matter what happens in your life, you can pivot and keep moving toward your end goals. That’s what Russ has done.

He says he’s been able to accomplish so much because he doesn’t just recognize opportunities, but because his vision remains clear in his mind, he can adjust to any changes that come along in life and business.

He’ll stay on track, no matter what. Learn things you absolutely need to know from Real Estate Radio Guy, author, business owner, TV show host and all-around smart dude Russell Gray!

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