CFD 254 – Reed Goossens Talks about International Investing and the Olympics

Australian real estate investor Reed Goossens and I have a few things in common. Sure, we may be on different continents, but we do the same thing. We both climbed up from having zero properties to having a pretty cool portfolio of properties. He loves commercial investing; I love commercial properties. Reed has a podcast, too, which is pretty cool. But we share more than that.

Before real estate investing, Reed was pursuing a career in structural engineering. He earned his degree in 2007 in Brisbane, Australia, and was hired soon after to travel to London where he worked with the design team to build projects related to the London Olympics. He had some amazing experiences working in some very large projects.

Reed wanted to get away from “working for the man” so to speak, and found his passion as a real estate investor. When the London job ended, he went back to Australia to work as he had before. One day he looked around his cubicle and it struck him… Is this what he’d be doing for the next 40 years of his life answering to a boss, crunching numbers? He didn’t feel fulfilled. He wanted more freedom in his life, so he actively went out and learned how to be his own boss.

That’s when he learned about making his money work for him vs. working so hard for it. Reed realized that those who invest in real estate do pretty well and have the life he was seeking. So he started simply with a single small duplex. He bought properties in different places and in 2012 moved to America. Now he syndicates large multimillion-dollar deal across the U.S.

If you’ve ever considered getting involved in real estate investing, you must listen to this episode of my Cash Flow Diary podcast. It lays out a great path that you can replicate. Reed and I talk about how to create appreciation, how to move from small properties to larger and larger properties, raising private capital and so much more. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.