CFD 255 – Former Nomad Extraordinaire Scott Beebe Talks about the Beauty of Systems, Teams and Collaboration

  • 3 years ago

You’re gonna want to listen to this episode a few times, because the information is that good. It gives you the how-to’s of building your business. Today I’m talking to Scott Eugene Beebe and he’s here to give you some amazing guidance.

So, who is Scott Beebe? Aside from living in South Carolina and knowing a heck of a lot about building businesses, Scott is a popular podcast host, Scott founded The On Purpose Group, LLC, doing business as Business On Purpose, a business coaching, training and strategy group that works to help small business owners and organizational leaders to uncover what they cannot see in three primary ways:

1. Through development and implementation of organizational Vision, Mission and Values

2. By systematizing and automating business systems so owners can work ON their business and less time IN their business, and

c) By leading virtual Business On Purpose Mastermind groups where business owners and organizational leaders meet weekly to give the business owners the mentorship they need to keep moving forward.

As with all of my guests, Scott didn’t start out where and who he is today. By his own description, he was a nomad, traveling with his father as he worked. He has worked in the U.S. and internationally in faith-based businesses. He says his is a non-linear blueprint for life and he has enjoyed his nomadic upbringing.

While Scott’s wandering days are behind him and he is married to a woman who has lived in the same place all her life who brings tremendous balance to his life, he certainly values all he’s seen and done. Now he teaches about creating longevity in ideas. You shouldn’t be surprised that it takes a system, which actually includes a daily task list and even writing thank-you notes.

We talk about how to put different team members’ strengths to the best use and how important planning is when building any business. Listen to the part where we talk about what that looks like in real estate investing. We start by talking about making offers and how to get through the paperwork. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.