CFD 256 – Johnson Emmanuel Shows Us WHY You Need to Get Beyond Your Own Backyard

The day of the yellow letter is gone. You need to utilize online tools to reach your customers, expand your business and grow your cashflow. The great thing today is that you can expand our reach globally without leaving your desk. So why wouldn’t you? That’s something my guest Johnson Emmanuel shares with us in this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast.

So who is Johnson Emmanuel? He is the founder and CEO of and an expert online marketer who helps business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants grow their revenue and businesses with effective online marketing strategies.

Johnson wasn’t always headed toward online marketing. His family wanted him to become a medical doctor. So he started down that path. However, it didn’t feel right to him. He wanted to build an online business. Eventually he learned how to design websites. And then how to do global marketing.

That wasn’t too long ago. To date (over the past 48 months) Johnson has:

  • Generated over $50,000,000 for businesses
  • Generated millions of unique website visitors
  • Sent over 700,000 permission-based emails
  • Coached and mentored 2,000+ business owners and entrepreneurs

Johnson believes that businesses fail for two reasons:

  1. Inability of the business owner to drive revenue into his/her business, and
  2. Inability of the business owner to acquire customers at a profit

According to Johnson, in the last five years, over 8,000,000 businesses have failed globally, which motivated him to do more to help businesses and entrepreneurs.