Marco Santarelli isn’t only a real estate investor, author, podcast host and helper of other real estate investors get deals done, [...]

Marco Santarelli isn’t only a real estate investor, author, podcast host and helper of other real estate investors get deals done, he’s also the founder of Norada Real Estate Investments — a nationwide provider of turn-key cash-flow rental properties.  Since launching the business in 2004, the company has helped hundreds of real estate investors create wealth and cash-flow through real estate.

What’s interesting is that Marco is a fellow geek. He learned to code and program for the gaming industry. (For those who don’t know me well, I was also and remain to this day a geek who appreciates programming.) Marco says this helped him do deals later in life, because just like programming real estate deals require us to take certain steps.

Hang with us through our conversation about outdated computers. I promise we’ll get to the real estate investing part quickly.

Marco says he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. On the contrary, he saw his mother work three jobs just to makes ends meet. What he noticed is that those who had money all had one thing in common. They invested in real estate. So when Marco was 16, he qualified for financing and did his first rehab. It was a property that cost him all of $40,000. He and his uncle gutted it, made it look good, put a sign in the yard, leased it and managed it for a few years.

The one thing he regrets is that he sold it too early. Of course, he didn’t realize it till later. He sold it for a chunk of profit because he was focused on the pile of cash vs. streams of income, which is something I talk about a lot in my Cash Flow Diary podcast and my book. If he had held onto the property he could have sold it for a very large pile of cash. For example, if he had held onto it till 2016, he could have sold it for more than $400,000.

Marco says he doesn’t know what gave him the real estate investing bug, but he sure was bitten hard! He says he knows one thing… all he went through made him the person he is today, someone who helps others get into real estate investing.

Marco’s journey is pretty interesting. He started very young as an investor and later became a Realtor and then realized he wanted to be an investor. That was in 2003. There are reasons for his choice. You’ll have to listen to hear it. (As you might imagine, it had to do with a few failure events and his ability to bounce, get up and try again.)

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