CFD 261 – Craig Ballantyne Tells Us We Can ALL Have Perfect Days!

  • 3 years ago

Craig Ballantyne has been the Editor of Early to Rise since 2011. He’s also a Strength and Conditioning Coach in Toronto, author of Turbulence Training, a contributing author to Men’s Health magazine, and a member of the Training Advisory Board for Maximum Fitness and Oxygen magazines. features Craig’s best-selling Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program. offers access to all of his Turbulence Training workouts and video clips (for men, women, mass-building, athletes, and bodyweight-only workouts).

In today’s episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast, Craig talks about something pretty important to us all… how to create the PERFECT DAY!

He also shares with us how to…

  1. Have more time with people they love, and
  2. Create more experiences that create amazing memories.

Craig says that creating the perfect day starts with planning. If you get up late and feel like you’re chasing tasks and goals, but at the end of the day feel like you didn’t get anything done… you need to get up earlier (before everyone else is awake and before the phone starts ringing).

It’s amazing what will happen when you have a bit of time to yourself. In Craig’s Perfect Day Formula, he walks us through what we need to do to create perfect days.

In Craig’s new book, The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life, he talks about how to avoid stressful situations every day that put us behind in our schedules. Guess what? It boils down to being reactive instead of proactive. Yep, it’s our choices that put us behind.

Planning tomorrow today is the way! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.