CFD 262 – Charles “Chuck” Hattemer Says Just Do It… Even If You’re “Too Young”

  • 3 years ago

If you’ve ever told yourself that you’re two young, too broke, too whatever to become a real estate entrepreneur, stop listening to yourself. None of your excuses pass muster. Truth is you don’t need to be any special age and you don’t need any special powers to do real estate investing. You just need to get out there and start telling people what you’re doing. Find problems to solve! Then solve them through real estate transactions… and good ideas.

That’s what you’ll learn in this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast. Today’s guest isn’t even 25 yet. His name is Charles Hayden Hattemer and he became a real estate entrepreneur in his early 20s while still in college. That’s when he and a few friends were looking for a rental, coming up empty-handed. Landlords didn’t want to rent to students; rentals that existed were really hard to find. There had to be a better way.

That’s when the first idea about sprang to life. What started out as a technological answer to solve problems in student housing grew to become a full-service property management company and more. Now OneRent serves both renters and owners across markets across the country! Hattemer and his partners created a way for renters and landlords to interact seamlessly on a single platform, providing what can only be called concierge-level customer service.

Hattemer says he and his partners never had a written business plan. Rather they got out there and talked about what they were doing. They got feedback, they adjusted their approach and they learned to serve a really big need that just keeps expanding.

When asked if his path was short, easy or free of failures, Hattemer can only chuckle. Um, no, is the short answer.

Hattemer and his friends went through a lot of “crazy stuff” to get going on their idea. It took different failure events and even sleeping on pool tables at times to get to their goals. But they stuck to it and after just a handful of years, they have created something unique in the world of real estate that utilizes technology to allow renters, landlords and others involved in the rental process to work together on everything from viewings to signing agreements and beyond.

Landlords get 24/7 insight into how their rentals are doing; renters can schedule different parts of the process according to their schedules. According to Hattemer, his company builds technology into the process where it makes sense while retaining the necessary one-on-one human interactions needed to get deals done. One unique feature is that they use mobile managers.

When a renter wants to see a property, the mobile manager is notified and dispatched to the property to meet and greet the potential renter, and show them around at a pre-designated time chosen by the potential renter. That’s pretty cool. So are the automated rent-collection and maintenance management tools OneRent offers!

Charles and his team are working on automated concierge services and look forward to expanding what they can do, merging technology into the rental process. Learn more about the exciting things this cool team of “youngsters” are working on. LISTEN NOW.