CFD 263 – How to Overcome Your 6 Degrees of Separation from your Destiny.

  • 3 years ago

Nothing is stopping you from your dreams, but you… In this Cash Flow Diary podcast episode we’re trying something fun and a little different. If it works out, we’ll be doing more of these. This is lifted from a cool, live Periscope session I did. If you want to find me there and watch upcoming live sessions, sign up at

In this episode you’ll learn that there are 6 Degrees of separation from your destiny. (Yeah, clever, I know.) And I hope you heed the advice. There are reasons you aren’t moving forward that have to do with your Dreams, your Decisions, your Delays, how you handle Difficulties and Dead Ends, and finally how you can move more quickly to Deliverance.

But to get through these steps, you also need work steadfastly on your goals by making sure they are focused, attainable, individual (to you and you alone), trackable and truly heartfelt.

One way to get to your goals is to get in front of lots and lots of people. Not doing so will stop you from reaching your goals as a real estate entrepreneur.

So how do you achieve this goal? It’s called lead generation and it’s absolutely doable! In fact, we’re doing a killer class on this today. Sign up at Learn more. LISTEN NOW.